Description: The book of Revelation is not primarily about predicting the future or recognizing end-time signs in the morning news but instead prepares Christ’s followers for the challenges we face in light of the glories to come. Re: velation unpacks Jesus’s vivid communication to His church in the first three chapters of Revelation to remind us of our certain hope, assure us of His victorious presence, and embolden our faith to persevere. Re: velation gives us the coordinates of grace along the path of wisdom for our spiritual journey to eternity as disciples of our risen, reigning, and returning Lord. Available for purchase here.


The Christian’s Creed

Description: The Apostles’ Creed is the most popular summary of the Christian faith. Yet for all its simplicity, the Creed expresses profound truths about God’s redemptive work that are full of liturgical, catechetical, confessional, and missional implications. In this book, author Stanley D. Gale familiarizes modern readers with this ancient statement of belief and its demand for a faith that enlightens the mind, enflames the heart, and engages the will with the wonders of God’s saving grace.

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The Christian’s Creed Workbook

Description:  The Christian’s Creed Workbook is a resource for discipling others in the faith. It is intended for use with The Christian’s Creed, serving as a study guide for the book and interaction with the Apostles’ Creed. It includes an appendix on the Creed and Christian living.

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Community Houses of Prayer Ministry Manual (revised & expanded)

Description: Community Houses of Prayer (CHOP) is a ministry tool to equip and involve believers in evangelistic prayer as they seek to draw near to people for Christ and draw near to Christ for people. CHOP incorporates weekly group meetings and daily private prayer to renew participants in God’s grace, to shape attitudes as instruments for Christ in their life-spheres. to train in the discipline of kingdom prayer and to engage in communicating the gospel.

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WARFARE WITNESS Contending With Spiritual Opposition in Everyday EvangelismPublisher’s Description– Spiritual warfare forms the backdrop against which we understand life and our work of ministry in the world – it’s how we make sense of the life of Christ. God has not been remiss in giving us instructions on the spiritual opposition we face and how we are to combat it. Indeed, the Bible is full of God’s advice on how to equip us for the task. Warfare Witness fixes our attention firmly here, enabling us to understand the true nature of the opposition believers face in reaching others for Christ. Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson.Christian Focus Publications, ©2005, Stanley D. Gale Paperback, 224 pages, retail $13.99, ISBN 1-84550-079-2Available from your local bookstore or wtsbooks.comand Warfare Witness Study Guide
THE PRAYER OF JEHOSHAPHAT Seeing Beyond Life’s Storms“God is honored when His children turn to Him in faithful prayer in times of distress. Too often, however, the force of trouble’s impact stuns us into shocked silence. Where do we find our “prayer voice” when our world lies in shambles, fear paralyzes our thinking, and vicious foes threaten everything we hold dear? Stan Gale points us to the prayer of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20. His rich insights into God’s instruction on prayer provide encouraging and practical help for those who desire to pray with God’s perspective for the greater display of His glory in the midst of all manner of trying circumstances.”~ Carol RuvoloP and R Publishing Company, ©2007, Stanley D. GalePaperback, retail $12.99, ISBN-10: 1596380624 | ISBN-13: 9781596380622Available from your local bookstore or
What is Spiritual Warfare? Basics of the Reformed FaithPublisher’s Description.Thoroughly biblical, Gale guides us from Genesis to Revelation, laying out a spiritual, yet practical guide to standing daily against Satan and his schemes. Focusing on the redemptive work of Christ, he exposes Satan’s tactics, and gives us a battle plan of resistance of standing and abiding in Christ.“What Is Spiritual Warfare? is a clear, sober, practical guide to the everyday reality of spiritual warfare. From Genesis to Revelation, Stan Gale conducts a careful reconnaissance of our unseen adversary and his diabolical tactics for deceiving, tempting, and accusing the people of God. He also shows us how to stand firm in Christ, using the simple gospel weapons that the Son of God has given us to defeat the devil.” ~ Philip RykenP and R Publishing Company, ©2012, Stanley D. GalePaperback, retail $4.99,ISBN-10: 159638414X | ISBN-13: 9781596384149Available from your local bookstore or
God’s Good News Description: GOD’S good news communicates the gospel in a clear, concise and conversational form that does not shortchange content. Beginning with relationship to God in creation, this colorful 36-page booklet leads the reader through the alienation of the fall, God’s sovereign initiative in salvation, the reconciling work of Christ and a call to repentance and faith. Scripture references on which the content is based are footnoted at the end for reference and study.©2013, Day One. Paperback, retail $0.90Available from
Making Sanity Out of Vanity Christian Realism in the Book of Ecclesiastes“The message of Ecclesiastes has an amazingly contemporary ring to it; but with one important caveat. It does not merely reflect the mood of confusion and disillusionment with life that pervades an entire generation today, it also provides answers that today’s world does not have. Stan Gale uses Ecclesiastes, in his own words, as a ‘lens’ through which to view the spectrum of life and in doing so has done our generation a service. He allows this book from another world to speak eloquently into ours to help us make sense of it in light of eternity.” ~ Mark G. Johnston, PastorEP Books, ©2011, Stanley D. Gale Paperback, 176 pages, retail: $11.99ISBN-10: 0852347456 | ISBN-13: 978-0852347454Available from
Community Houses of Prayer Ministry Manual Why Do We Pray? (Basics of the Faith) (Paperback)Publisher’s Description: Prayer is a privilege and a responsibility but we all have questions about how prayer really works as God uses it for his purposes and glory. Here are biblically informed answers to our questions.32 Pages. Published July 2012“A clear trumpet call to prayer in the triumphant name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Full of light, warmth, and power, it dispels wrong ideas about prayer. This one little book could be used far and wide to do wonders that our gracious God has planned from eternity, once Christians start doing what it clearly shows them they are enabled to do, and divinely called to do: ‘Ask, seek, and knock.’” ~ Douglas F. Kelly, Reformed Theological Seminary; Author of If God Already Knows, Why Pray?Available from:
A Vine-Ripened – Life – The grace that stimulates the fruit and maturity of a sanctified life comes to us through Jesus Christ. We bear much fruit only as we abide in Him. In A Vine-Ripened Life, author Stanley Gale points us to Jesus, the Vine of life of John 15, in whom we, as branches, must live and grow to bear the fruit of a grace-grown life. He explains, “Having begun in Christ we remain in Christ, continuing to draw our life from Him and maturing in grace.” With pastoral sensitivity and an engaging style, Gale teaches readers both about the fruit of Christian character and how to cultivate it. Questions at the end of each chapter make this an ideal study for individuals or groups. Available from Heritage Books.
Why Must We Forgive? Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series
Jesus taught believers to pray, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors” (Matt. 6:12). Paul urged Christ’s followers to forgive one another as Christ forgave them (Col. 3:13). Christ gives Christians a mandate to forgive and provides a model of forgiveness that is necessary for healthy relationships. But what is forgiveness, and how should we practice it? In How Should We Forgive?, Pastor Stanley Gale considers the nature of the forgiveness we receive from God, its role in our ongoing relationship with Him, and the way we must reciprocate by forgiving others as we have been forgiven.
Finding Forgiveness Discovering the Healing Power of the Gospel
If you are a Christian, you have personally experienced the joy of sins forgiven and reconciliation with God. Forgiveness, writes Stanley Gale, “is a divine accomplishment to be savored and offered to others.” Forgiveness is the most basic of Christian graces, yet the topic raises many questions, including these: Is it biblical to “forgive and forget”? Why do we need to confess our sins if they are already forgiven? How do we actually go about forgiving someone? Does the Bible give a place to forgiving ourselves? What does life look like after forgiveness?In Finding Forgiveness, you will discover practical answers to these questions and many others. With pastoral warmth, the author will help you see how the awe of the gospel dawns anew for those who apply forgiveness and experience the healing of a burdened spirit or broken relationship.