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Need Words? The Case for Corporate Prayer

Do you ever have trouble praying? Maybe you don’t know what to say. Or what you do say sounds like you pushed the replay button. You even get bored with your prayers. Or maybe the problem is motivation. You have the best intentions but actually getting around to prayer is a different matter.

God has an answer. It’s called corporate prayer. Corporate prayer is where you gather with other believers around the throne of grace to pray together.

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Goldilocks and the Gospel

Goldilocks was the consummate middleman. Whether it came to porridge, chairs, or beds, she gravitated toward balance.

I share Goldilocks’ concern when it comes to evangelistic materials. Most of what I encounter is either too dense with words, making it difficult to follow the trail of the logic of the Gospel, or too meager, not even providing a clear trail at all. I wanted something that was “just right,” condensing the Gospel, and asserting it clearly, without compromising the message.

Warfare Witness Study Guide

Warfare Witness: Contending With Spiritual Opposition in Everyday Evangelism provides the basic tenets upon which CHOP is built, exposing us to the spiritual opposition inherent in the work of evangelism, God’s work through His Son to deliver and redeem, Christ’s provision for His church in its outreach, and practical counsel for exercising our commission for the sake of the gospel.

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CHOP Ministry Manual for Handheld Devices

The CHOP Ministry Manual for handheld devices, such as Palm, Pocket PC, Blackberry, iPhone and iPod is available through All scripture references, including those for the Basic Training Lessons and Daily Prayer Guide, are displayed with a click. Entries in the daily Prayer Journal can be made through the “add a note” feature.

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Why Do We Pray? article

Prayer holds for us an adventure of communion with the eternal God and completion of His unfolding purpose.

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God’s House of Prayer–Extreme Makeover Edition

“My house will be a house of prayer for the nations.”  Those words of God recorded by Isaiah the prophet would be picked up by Jesus in each of the Synoptic Gospels, and alluded to by John in his Gospel account.  This identity and mission ascribed to the Temple were not lost with its destruction in 70 A. D.   They continue to describe and direct Christ’s church in our day.

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Praying the Imprecatory Psalms

Sometimes people post Bible verses in their homes for encouragement, or to remind themselves of something. My guess is not too many people have this passage from Psalm 137 posted on their refrigerator door:

O daughter of Babylon, doomed to be destroyed, blessed shall he be who repays you with what you have done to us! Blessed shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock! (Psalm 137:8-9)

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What is a “Reformed” Presentation of the Gospel?

Jesus is the only way to God, but there are many ways to explain this. What, uniquely, does a “Reformed” presentation of the gospel include?

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Prayer Training Module

The Prayer Training Module (PTM) serves to lay the foundation for building a house of prayer. The PTM is intended to disciple in prayer through instruction and practice over an eight-week period. Each meeting involves discussion of a portion of the Basics of the Faith booklet, Why Do We Pray?, to gain an understanding of God’s design for prayer. The bulk of the time is spent in prayer together along the lines of sharing, Psalm and sermon.

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Three-Week Prayer Guide

Direction in prayer based on John 15 and the book of Ephesians

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