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Forgiveness is a grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ that ministers to our own hearts and a grace that we extend to others. Yet, like any area of the Christian faith, forgiveness is something we need to understand and to learn how to practice. Below are some opportunities to provide that instruction and training. Contact Dr. Gale for more information using “Contact Us” on the menu bar above or by emailing him at


Finding Forgiveness Seminar (3 hours)

Forgiveness is the centerpiece of the gospel and the hallmark of the Christian life. But how well do we understand it, let alone practice it? In this seminar Dr. Gale builds on his book, Finding Forgiveness: Discovering the Healing Power of the Gospel, to lead in personal discovery of the healing power of the gospel and God’s forgiveness of us as a model for our forgiveness of others. He explores the meaning of biblical terms, and develops the practical exercise of forgiving. He will address God’s means to help us move on in the freedom and focus that are the forward movement of the Christian life. He will also touch on how the gospel addresses the self-blame often sought by the unbiblical notion of forgiving ourselves.


Forgiveness Forum (1 hour)

The Forgiveness Forum provides an introduction to the Bible’s teaching on forgiveness. It divides into two segments: presentation and participation. In the presentation segment, Dr. Gale will explore God’s template that we are to forgive as we have been forgiven, looking at forgiveness received and forgiveness reciprocated. In the participation section, Dr. Gale will field questions to further explore biblical teaching on the subject. It is suggested the participants prepare themselves for the time through reading Finding Forgiveness: Discovering the Healing Power of the Gospel.


Stanley D. Gale (MEd, MDiv, DMin) has served Christ and congregation for over thirty years. He has authored books on prayer, spiritual warfare, biblical worldview, pastoral care, and evangelism. For more information on Finding Forgiveness training, contact him at