Starting Your Own Community House of Prayer

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  • Read through the Outreach Orientation of the CHOP Ministry Manual (pages 9–28)
  • Partner with 1 or 2 others to pray about getting the CHOP ministry started
  • Recruit other participants
  • Decide on a meeting time and place
  • Provide a CHOP Ministry Manual for each participant
  • If enfolding the Basic Training Lessons as pre-CHOP group meetings, those four meetings could include prayer and review & discussion of the Outreach Orientation. Sections of the Outreach Orientation could be read prior to the group meeting in preparation for discussion. (see Pre-CHOP Prep)
  • NOTE : Although these pre-CHOP meetings stretch the CHOP period from 12 to 16 weeks, the time is recommended to build a sense of mission & community, to enhance understanding through discussion, and to prepare the way through corporate prayer
    For the first regular meeting of the house of prayer, read the descriptions of each segment aloud in the group as a preface to each to reinforce the purpose and activity of that section
    Sample Announcement for CHOP Recruitment:
  • You talk to him every day at work, but how can you reach Rick for Christ? Your Aunt Jane is not a believer. How can God use you in her life? Plan on being part of a community house of prayer, where you will be prepared as an instrument of God and trained in reaching others for Christ through strategic prayer. A house of prayer involves committing yourself to 12 weeks of directed daily prayer and weekly group meetings. Let ____ know of your interest in being prepared and enabled in this necessary aspect as a disciple of Jesus Christ. It will change your approach to life, to prayer and to God’s Word.