• Pastor Appreciation Month


    You know how wives want to hear that their husbands love them? They want to know their efforts to make a house a home are recognized.  They want to be appreciated.

    That’s the case for guys as well.  Sure, they have chores and those things they are expected to do. But still, they appreciate being appreciated.  “Thanks” can be honey to the soul. “Well done” a shot of adrenaline for the day.

    That’s what struck me as I kept being reminded by various websites that this is Pastor Appreciation Month.  How often do we as pastors let our congregations know how grateful to God we are for them?  We do see and do appreciate all they do for the sake of Christ.  But do they know it?

    So, I thought pastor appreciation a perfect time to let them know how much their pastor appreciates them.  Here’s the brief note I sent out via email to my congregation.  It’s not much, but it is start.

    Dear RPC family,

    October is Pastor Appreciation Month. I don’t know who comes up with these things, probably the same person who comes up with National Cheeseburger Week.  I suspect Hallmark has a hand in it somewhere.

    Since it is Pastor Appreciation Month, I wanted to write letting you know how much this pastor appreciates you.  I know I should say it more often and not just in a designated month, but here it is.

    The flock of the Lord Jesus spans the globe. He has sheep from every language, people and nation.  In Chester County He has gathered His sheep into various folds, where they congregate and collaborate in service of His kingdom.  But He has brought you to the fold of RPC, for which I am thankful.

    My desire is to serve you. I want to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of our great Savior.  I want to prepare you for service to our Lord.  I want to protect you from the molestation of the devil.  To the degree I am successful God receives glory.  Thank you for your patience with me in my frailties and failings.

    You might feel like your efforts are overlooked, but they are not.  Not by me and certainly not by the Head of the Church, whom we serve together.  Even though I don’t know all you sacrifice to serve, I know you give of your time and money and convenience.  For that I am deeply grateful.  Especially, I am grateful for you.

    I don’t tell you often enough I love you and appreciate you.  But I do.

    Pastor Gale


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