• Prayer Cell Schedule


    Prayer Cells are temporary small groups held for the purpose of discipleship in prayer through instruction and practice.  They are intended to establish a biblical foundation for establishing a house of prayer through which a church will exercise the mission given it by God.  The Prayer Cell is the basic building block through which a mentality of prayer is shaped and a culture of prayer cultivated.

    Each hour meeting of the prayer cell would involve a 10-minute reading aloud and discussion together of a section of the booklet Why Do We Pray? (2012, Stanley D. Gale, P&R Publishing) to provide instruction in prayer. The 50-minute remainder of the hour would involve actual prayer centered around three areas: sharing, Psalm and sermon. “Sharing” involves prayer in response to exchange of personal concerns of the group. The approach would be pray-it-rather-than-say-it, to minimize using the time in travelogue rather than prayer. A person would lead aloud in prayer for his or her own concern.  Desired details could be shared outside the prayer time. “Psalm” involves prayer directed by a designated Psalm for kingdom focus.  Selected psalms representing various topics would be spread across the 18 meetings. “Sermon” involves prayer in keeping with God’s direction in a recent sermon, reinforcing the truth taught and seeking God for its application to life.

    Click here for the Prayer Cell schedule and structure

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